About Qnective

Qnective is a leading provider of sophisticated communication solutions and services, with deep expertise in wireless technologies, networking, infrastructure and highly-secure encryption mechanisms. Founded in 2007 and based in Zurich (Switzerland) with offices in Muscat (Oman), Singapore and Jakarta (Indonesia), Qnective provides governments, public safety organisations and large companies with secure mobile communications. Its advanced communication platform developed in Switzerland encrypts telephony, messaging and data exchange with the highest level of security. www.qnective.com
The company is privately held and comprises of three Business Units: Defense & Government provides tailor-made software solutions for the public sector. Homeland Security System designs, develops, implements and manages maritime and terrestrial comunications and surveillance networks across the world. Business Communications develops and supports communication platforms for standard smartphones as secure mobile business solutions for enterprises.
The introduction and growing usage of smartphones in all professional fields, the increasing habits of using the mobile as the main communication device, a globalised and fully interconnected digital world and the consequently increment of cyberattacks and cybercrime (industrial, institutional and/or criminal espionage) make necessary the deployment of effective solutions to protect the information and the communications on key sectors. Privacy, confidentiality and service quality represent the core of our business. We concentrate our efforts in assuring that our customers can carry out their daily activity with the highest level of efficiency, productivity, quality and security at a reasonable cost.